Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw To Tour Together Again
Talk about a "superstar" tour... this is the one everyone will want to see! Not only will you get to see country superstars, but up and coming stars, also!
Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw will reunite for a 19-date stadium tour in 2012...
Jake Owen Turns 30
How do you intend to spend your next birthday? A party, maybe? Maybe a trip or just spending time with friends and family? It's another one of those things you don't think about, but if you're a country singer in the middle of a major tour, you can't just stop to celebrate your b…
Jason Aldean; Daddy/Star
It can't be easy, being an "in demand" country star and being a dad... just ask Jason Aldean.  With a career that has taken off like a rocket, it's hard to balance these two important parts of his life.