Earl Pitts 12/17/13: Stupid Christmas Songs
Earl has a real problem with certain Christmas songs he considers to be "stupid." Yes, there are many holiday tunes that we all find to be annoying...if not, well, stupid! Listen as Earl lists just a few of his least-favorite holiday ditties!
Earl Pitts 11/5/13: Stop Doing Stupid Things!
Well, the esteemed Mr. Pitts has a few things to say about stupid people who do stupid things. You probably know somebody who fits that description. We all do. We also hope we're not one of those people. Here, with a dose of common sense, is today's episode.
Almost Impossible Trivia for 10/2/13
Congratulations to Bennett Edwards of Victoria! She knew the answer to today’s Almost Impossible Trivia Question, and won a couple of yummy Jack In The Box Tacos!
Q:  This has happened 17 times in the last 35 years. What?