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Scotty McCreery Will Be Watching This Season Of American Idol
Whatever you think of television's "American Idol", you have to admit they have produced some very talented performers in the past. From Kelly Clarkson to Carrie Underwood to Scotty McCreery and all the rest. The show has accomplished even more than it set out to accomplish.
Scotty McCreery Sings Christmas Songs
Scotty McCreery was recently caught on camera singing some Christmas songs for people.  The songs were Holly Jolly Christmas and Christmas Cookies!  So I guess we can expect a Scotty McCreery Christmas album next year?  Everyone else has one why not...
New Scotty McCreery CD Debuts Tomorrow
Well, here we go again. Another 'American Idol' winner trying to make a name in country music. I guess it just proves how country music reaches the common man (and woman) in a way that other genres of music can't.
Scotty McCreery Wins ‘American Idol’
After a record-setting 122.4 million votes, it was country crooner Scotty McCreery who was named the winner of 'American Idol' season 10.
The 17-year-old from Garner, NC, beat out 16-year-old Lauren Alaina to become the youngest 'American Idol' winner ever. He's also the fourth-consecutive male to wi…
Haley Reinhart Eliminated From ‘American Idol’
Though she put on an impeccable show Wednesday night, America ultimately decided they didn't want to see Haley Reinhart in the next week's finals.
The 20-year-old Wheeling, IL, native was booted from 'American Idol' late Thursday night, leaving Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina to…
James Durbin Eliminated From ‘American Idol’
'American Idol' season 10 is officially down to the final three. Over 72 million votes were cast this week, making it the highest top-four vote ever in the history of the show.
Unfortunately, even record-breaking numbers weren't enough to save James Durbin. The 22-year-old rocker was …