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Sara Evans Finishes New Album
Done! In the books! Finished! Completed! That's the staus of Sara Evans' seventh album. The singer finished the task at hand and even received flowers from her husband Jay to mark the momentous occasion.
Sara Evans Opens Up About Scary Fan Situation
Sometimes when bad things happen, the only thing you can do is make light of them. At least, that's how Sara Evans chose to handle a recent situation in Biloxi, Miss., when a fan overstepped his boundaries and left the country singer feeling flustered.
Sara Evans, ‘Anywhere’ – Lyrics Uncovered
Sara Evans may have missed out on contributing to the ‘Anywhere’ lyrics (her latest single), but she is not complaining one bit after snagging the tune for her latest album. The soon-to-be-hit was crafted by new songwriter on the rise, Jaren Johnston and Evans’ …
Sara Evans, ‘Anywhere’ – Song Review
Sara Evans returns to the sound that landed her No. 1 hits like ‘A Real Fine Place to Start’ and ‘Born to Fly’ (2005 and 2000 respectively) with her new song ‘Anywhere.’ The radio-ready single was co-written by Evans’ …

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