BBB: Don’t Fall For “Catfish” Scam
June 25 is National Catfish Day. “Catfishing” doesn’t only mean going down to the river with a fishing pole. Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas and the Permian Basin wants to warn you that catfishing can also be a techni…
Almost Impossible Trivia For 11/14/13
Congratulations to Robin Chandler of Yorktown! She knew the answer to today’s Almost Impossible Trivia Question, and won a couple of yummy Jack In The Box Tacos!
Q:  In a recent romance survey, 3 out of 4 women said that they wished that their man would do THIS more often...what?
Couple Meets on Blind Date, Discovers They’re Siblings
After exchanging messages and photographs with each other on an online dating website, Scotland-based Sarah Kemp and London-based George Bentley naturally decided to take their romance to the next level.
Kemp made the trek to London to visit her new romantic interest and, about an hour into their con…