Who’s Got the Best Burger in Victoria?
Everybody loves a good burger. The best burgers in my opinion, are the one you grill in your back yard, but sometimes, you just want to have one from a restaurant. There are lots of options around town, from fast food chains to local fast food joints, sit down restaurants, and food trucks. Who's got…
Video: Fast Food Ads vs. Reality
We've all seen the ads for the various major fast food restaurants. The pictures of their menu items look so amazingly delicious! Why, you can just smell the wonderful aroma of fresh, juicy beef...warm, fluffy buns, and crisp, farm-fresh lettuce, tomato and onion, right? Well, I think you'll agree t…
Fast Food Fun Facts
Did you know that oysters were once considered "fast food?" That one of our Founding Fathers favored potatoes that were "...served in the French manner?" Would you believe the founder of Taco Bell was NOT Hispanic?