10 Halloween Movies for People Who Hate Scary Movies
It’s easy to find Halloween movies. A cursory Google-search yields a slew of time-honored terror, vetted by thousands of critics and fans. But for those weak-stomached folks who avoid horror flicks at all costs, this bounty of murder porn, slasher flicks, and Romero rip-offs are highway to ba…
Earl Pitts 10/31/13: Real Halloween
Halloween just ain't what it used to be, according to our Earl Pitts. Could it be that--like Christmas--Halloween is becoming too "commercial" these days? If you missed today's special Halloween episode, we have it for you here!
Earl Pitts 10/29/13: Adult Costumes
With Halloween just about here, Earl has a few choice words for adults who like to dress up in "goofy" costumes on what he feels is essentially a holiday for kids! So, don't expect a compliment on your getup from Mr. PItts...that is, unless you're dressed in a couple of s…
Visit These Very Real Haunted Houses This Halloween
Halloween is haunted-house season, the one time of year you when, if you want, you can pay a random group of actors to fill up an old warehouse with gory props and costumes and scare the snot out of some people. But if you’re looking for a subtler, truly frightening experience, Ameri…
Have a Safe Halloween!
Halloween is almost here. Although it should be a 'fun' experience for you and your kids, lots of dangerous situations need to be addressed and avoided.
What to Say to Trick-or-Treaters Without a Costume
Pretty clearly, the best part of Halloween is that you dress up in a fun costume and walk around acquiring delicious candy. Who doesn't love that? We're really excited to see all the trick-or-treaters in their best outfits this year. We've got our bags of candy ready, and we're giving away prizes fo…

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