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Strudel Bake in Halletsville October 27th
Volunteers are gearing up for the 61st annual Sacred Heart Apple Strudel Bake in Hallettsville on Oct. 27. Workers will wash, core, cut and shred apples to prepare the strudel filling for more than 2,600 strudels made in this one-day event.
Halletsville Hosts Oilfield Art Exhibit
There is beauty to be found in everything. It's all about perspective and the willingness to view almost anything in a different way, a different 'light, if you will. The oilfield has once again become a very visible and dominant force in south Texas as of late.
There will be an oilfield ar…
Genealogy Symposium At Halletsville Library
If you are into history, particularly genealogy, then you don't want to miss the genealogy symposium in Halletsville on May 19th. This should prove to be a great help in finding  and using historical information you are looking for.
Halletsville Hosts 42nd Annual ‘Fiddlers’ Frolics’
I remember when I first moved to this part of the country, one of the first places I went was to the 'Fiddlers' Frolics' at the K.C. Hall in Halletsville. What I remember most is the great music, delicious food, and friendly people. If you want to have a great time with your…