gary t. moses pool

Opening of Municipal Swimming Pool
The Gary T. Moses Municipal Swimming Pool is opening tomorrow (Wednesday 6/18/14) for the summer season. The pool will be open from 2-6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday during the summer.
Located at 211 N. Ben Wilson St., The Gary T. Moses Municipal Pool is a grand facility and will accommodate 300 patr…
Gary T. Moses Pool to Open June 18th
I remember when I was a kid (yes... I was once a kid... come to think of it, I still am) there were a couple of days I looked forward to every year. One of them was the opening day of the public swimming pools. I would almost guarantee you it's still that way with kids. Well... I have some bad …
Gary T. Moses Pool To Open This Weekend
Go ahead and admit it... about this time of year you start thinking about taking a dip in a nice, cool swimming pool. We all do. Victoria has a fantastic municipal pool, the Gary T. Moses Municipal Pool.