Science: Drummers’ Brains Are Actually Different
Being a drummer, I've heard all of the jokes. I've also been told at times that my brain wasn't "quite right." Well, according to a scientific study, it's apparently true...but in a good way. I've always tried to be a problem-solver, and this study shows that trait is part and parcel with …
Grandma Drummer Rocks!
This video is quickly going viral. A sweet-looking elderly lady sits down behind a drum kit in a drum shop, and begins riffing away! This is why you never underestimate our more "seasoned" citizens!
Study: Drummers Are ‘Natural Intellectuals’
I love it when science and medicine confirm something I've known most of my life! I hate to brag, but hey...this was a scientific study, and who am I to argue with scientists; especially when their conclusions serve to boost my ego a little? If you know (or are yourself) a drummer, this will ma…