Traveling With The Eli Young Band
It's not something the average country music fan spends a lot of time thinking about. We just go to the venue and our favorite artists are there to entertain us, right? We don't think about what it took to simply get there. These people basically live out of a suitcase 90% of the time. Little daily …
Kenny Chesney Wraps Rehearsals for Brothers of the Sun Tour
With just weeks until the launch of his Brothers of the Sun Tour with pal Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney has wrapped rehearsals for the all-arena outing. The country entertainer feels confident and prepared to take the stage show on the road, and admits the tour has been anything but a rushed project.
Weekend Concerts In Our Area
We have had perfect weather lately and what better way to take advantage of that by going to concerts.  The beach is always nice too.  Here is a list of concerts in our area for the rest of the week and weekend.
The Eli Young Band Loves Their Fans
Sometimes it takes months, sometimes it takes years. That's the truth about a lot of things, especially making a name for yourself in the country music business. The hard part is attracting enough fans to become well known. The harder part is keeping them.
VC 2nd Annual Concert In The Quad This Evening
Music, music, and more music is being performed in Victoria and the surrounding communities. Monday evening you have the opportunity to enjoy some great jazz played by some of the most talented jazz musicians the crossroads has to offer... and it's free!
Crossroads Community Band Offers Free Concert
I've told you before... Victoria is just full of pleasant surprises! One of the coolest is The Crossroads Community Band. Where else do student and adult musicians get together to practice and perform the music that was (and still is) a large part of their lives? This opportunity to perfor…
Lady Antebellum Will Open For Springsteen
This one goes into the "I'm not sure how I feel about this" file. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy for Lady Antebellum and their success. They certainly deserve everything they get. But, as you will see in the details below, this could be a disaster waiting to happen. Lady Antebellum is …
Another Sold Out Show Added For Eric Church
As you can imagine, I receive a LOT of promotional music and material. I make a point of listening to all of the music that crosses my desk. You never know who will be the 'next big thing'. When i hear something I like or i think it has potential, I keep it on hand. At this writing, I'm looking at a…
Country Stars Line Up For ACM’S Lionel Richie Concert
Lionel Richie was one of the most respected songwriters and performers of his time. Even though his music had nothing to do with the country genre, he is admired and respected by the country music community. If you don't know who Lionel Richie is, you will know very soon.

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