10 Reasons To Drum For Your Health
You may (or may not) know that I have been a professional singing drummer since I was in high school. While to some, we drummers sit on a seat (known in drumming lingo as a "throne;" please keep your jokes to yourself!), most drumming requires a fair amount of physical and mental abilities…
Study: Drummers Are ‘Natural Intellectuals’
I love it when science and medicine confirm something I've known most of my life! I hate to brag, but hey...this was a scientific study, and who am I to argue with scientists; especially when their conclusions serve to boost my ego a little? If you know (or are yourself) a drummer, this will ma…
Earl Pitts 11/18/13: Man Brain Memory
Earl is of the opinion that every guy--from the President of the United States to guys like you and me--have a problem remembering lots of things. Like, what a movie we saw was about, or how badly your website launch actually went. If you missed this morning's episode, we have it for you here!
And You Thought Coffee Was Bad.
I was looking over the front page of Yahoo the other day and noticed a story that really got me thinking. After all these years of thinking coffee is not for me, I might have to change that.
I will drink coffee only if it has loads of sugar and cream. I also really like mocha frappacinos from either …