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Billy Currington Wants to Do WHAT to Shania Twain?
During a recent radio interview, Billy Currington was posed with series of philosophical, end of life questions. Asked how he would spend his final 24 hours on earth if he found himself in such a scenario, he gave humorous and intriguing answers, revealing that when he goes, he wants to go out …
Billy Currington Turns Himself in to Police
Billy Currington has turned himself into police after a bench warrant was issued for his arrest on Wednesday. The singer was indicted by a grand jury on terroristic threats and abuse of an elder charges stemming from an April 15 incident. He was not arrested at the time.
Billy Currington Indicted For Threats Against Senior Citizen
Billy Currington has been indicted in Georgia for allegedly threatening an elderly man. According to the "Savannah Morning News," the Chatham County Grand Jury rang Currington up Wednesday for making terroristic threats against Charles Harvey Ferrelle. The country star was also ind…

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