all star game

5 Houston Astros Chosen for All-Star Game
When you have the best winning percentage in Major League Baseball, you must be doing something right. The Houston Astros are heading into the All-Star break with that going for them, and five players will be on the field representing the American League in to tomorrow night's game...
Win $10,000
The Victoria Generals will host the All Star Game next week and you will not only be able to experience a home run derby and an all star game but you will also get a chance to win $10,000 during the Home Run Derby!
This year, one lucky fan will have the chance to win $10,000 cash during the Home Run…
MLB All Star Game Tonight!
The best of Major League Baseball will be playing tonight as the American League takes on the National League in the MLB 2011 All Star Game at 7p.m. on FOX!