As most of you know, I had my head shaved this morning.  For the wonderful organization of St. Baldricks.  The most memorable part of this mornings experience was meeting and getting to know Sydney.  She has a bald head because it is the hand she was dealt and lives with cancer.  I know it is silly but at least for a little while she will have more hair than me.  It brought a genuine smile to her face and even got a couple of belly laughs while she shaved my head :)!  I know shaving my head help cure  cancer, but maybe it's the dollar that you donate that will.  What I do know is Sydney is a strong,beautiful young lady that will continue to be an inspiration to all of us. She is more than welcome to stop by and say hi to me anytime she wants.   She already asked me if she could help me shave my head next year LOL.  Here is a shout out to Sydney stay #Sydneystrong!