The Spurs have started their playoff push for 2016, and on the right note indeed.  The Spurs trounced the Grizzlies 106-74.  Pictured above is Tim Duncan turning back the clock with the big time finish.  Reining defensive player of the year did what he does good?  EVERYTHING!  He finished with 20 points, 4 steals, 3 blocks, and 2 rebounds in only 28 minutes.  LaMarcus had 17 points and Parker and Mills each added 15.  The Grizzlies are over matched this series with a plethora of injuries.  So for now Spurs 1 Grizz 0! Given the Spurs take care of business the next round is going to be against the Thunder or Mavs, my guess is the Thunders and this should be where the real fireworks begin.  In true San Antonio fashion a hashtag has been started #raceforseis for  the Spurs and their beloved fans!  The Spurs are on the road to a 6th Championship for the franchise.  GO SPURS GO!