The San Antonio Spurs are back and open the season on Wednesday night in Oklahoma City against the Thunders.  Last year the Spurs were defeated by the Los Angeles Clippers in a thrilling 7 game first round series.  Just two years ago they were NBA Champions.  During the off season the Spurs made a splash in the NBA by acquiring LaMarcus Aldridge, and they also signed David West.  This added to the core which we have come to love, the ORIGINAL BIG THREE of Tim, Tony, and Manu.  Recently the Spurs have added youth and more excitement with the likes of Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green, and Boris Diaw.   The Spurs will be somewhere in the mix come playoff time, like they have been for the past 16 years and counting. Coach Pop and Tim Duncan are the face of excellency in the NBA and have spoiled Spurs fans along the way.  Spurs fans expect winning season and they deliver.  Now, with the addition of Aldridge, West and the emergence of Leonard and Green the Spurs now have a new big 3 (in my opinion).  The Spurs have had winning seasons for 16 years and show no signs of slowing down.  Can the Spurs make it to the Finals again?  They are at the top of a very short list of teams that can.  I can't wait to watch the season play out, but for now GO SPURS GO!