The truth is, the main reason guys learn to play guitar is girls. They may tell you some other  story about why they started playing... something about art or having something musical to say... but, the fact is, the very first reason was to meet girls. At least Brantley Gilbert is man enough to confess why he became a songwriter.

Brantley Gilbert has seen success as a songwriter, co-writing #1 hits for Jason Aldean such as “Dirt Road Anthem” and “My Kinda Party.” He also wrote his own first #1 song, “Country Must Be Country Wide.” According to CMT Daily Roundup, he says the reasons for writing his own music instead of cutting other people’s songs are simple... “I was just too lazy to learn anybody else’s songs [laughs]. It was that and you know, it gets girls works! I’ve seen it happen [laughs]. No, but I don’t know...I always had an itch for wanting to write my own stuff. It’s just something that I always enjoyed doing and it’s therapy for me.” That therapy helps him deal with situations in life like the one he writes about in his current single, “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do.”
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