The second annual Independent Film Fest is just weeks away and actors and directors have already begun to ascend on Victoria. ......and so have the paparazzi. This combination can only lead to explosive results! Join us downtown on Thursday, Friday or Saturday to join the Victoria CSIs as you attempt to solve the murder mystery Case of the Dead Paparazzi.

This interactive murder mystery will have you hitting the streets of historic downtown as you talk to witnesses, look for clues and identify murder weapons. Rain or shine the case must be solved! Participants will have from 7:30pm-10:30pm to investigate. The case will be solved on the steps of the Nave Museum at 10:30pm where the winner will be decided and awarded.

Each evening will host 100 investigators and registration is required. Teams are encouraged with a max of 4, but individual participation is also encouraged. Each participant will have a $25 registration fee ($100 for a team of 4). This fee can be paid at the Main Street office at 120 S. Main St. Ste 150 by check or cash or on the day of. Only paid participants will be able to play.

On your murder case night you will begin in DeLeon Plaza at 100 N. Main St. You will receive your case file, t-shirt and further instruction at that time.

Brush up on your CSI skills and head downtown. We are looking forward to seeing the community's investigative skills!