I came across a new type of shoe a few weeks back that left me in shock.  I started looking around online and found multiple types like the brand in the picture which are from Fila, and a different more expensive type called Vibrams Five Finger Toe Shoes. 

I chose the pair that was cheaper which were the Fila brand and I have to say I am in love with these.  It doesn't matter where you are, what your doing, they are extremely comfortable and they have multiple uses for everyday activities.  The Fila version is actually more of a lifestyle shoe compared to the fitness shoe by Vibrams. 

So what are they used for?  Everything!  You can run, hike, swim, walk, play sports in them, everything you can imagine.  So far I have used them to go hiking, walking, and swimming.  They are awesome because when you are hiking they kind of grip the rocks and adjust or bend your feet like if you were barefoot. The  traction on them is amazing and my feet weren't sweating or sore like they would be if I had socks and regular shoes on. 

I went tubing in a river and just like hiking they sort of grip the rocks under the water.  It was amazing and I definitely noticed a big difference compared to the typical water shoe.  Having a pair of water shoes is much needed sometimes but you can't wear them out in the public.  These you can. 

Like I said earlier they are great for all occasions and it's basically having a supportive sock on for your feet.  They feel different at first but I got used to them pretty fast.  They wash off extremely easy if you get any type of dirt or mud on them and I highly recommend you at least try them on if you enjoy outdoor activities.  I purchased mine at Kohls for around $50.00 and I believe right now online they have a sale on them for only $37.99.