This blog was written by Evan our single girl who highlights the 12 fabulous reasons of being single this holiday season.

As I sit here and listen to Christmas music I can’t help but hear those lovey dovey lyrics going on and on about either wanting someone underneath their Christmas tree or kissing someone underneath that mistletoe.  Blah blah blah, right?  For those of you out there who are single like me it can get a bit redundant, can’t it? Keep listening and hopefully you will be able to appreciate why it’s just a little bit awesome to be single during the holidays.  Negativity and positivity are self fulfilling prophecies.  So let’s try to find the up side of singlehood during this time of year.   Some may think that this time of year is about spending it with that one special someone.  But us singles get to focus on ALL our special someones.

  • Presents:  Because I’m still single I still get as many gifts from my parents as I did when I was a kid.  There is no need to give me toys for children or some tool for my husband to fix that broken something in the house.  I still get real gifts that I need and want.  Heck yeah!
  • Christmas Morning:  Instead of spending Christmas morning pretending to be excited at an unheard of hour in the morning you get to recover in your warm cozy bed from your Christmas Eve festivities.  Which most like included eggnog and your fellow single friends.
  • New Year’s Eve:  Why focus on who you are going to kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve?  Why not be excited that you get to kiss anyone you want to while ringing in New Year instead?  Whether it be your best friend, your beloved pup or even a handsome stranger…it’s a bit exciting not knowing who you will spend the first moment of 2015 with.
  • Mistletoe:  Speaking of kissing…you also can kiss anyone you want underneath that mistletoe.  Try to keep some in your pocket for emergencies.  You never know what hottie you might meet in line at Spec’s.
  • Make Others Smile:  Instead of attending office parties and family functions where you don’t know or even possibly like a single person with a significant other you have an opportunity to lend a helping hand to those who need it.  This is a chance to use your free time to make someone in need of a smile…to…well…smile.
  • Less Awkward Moments:  Sometimes it’s tough enough to spend your days off with your own family.  As a single person, you only have one family to deal with.  Your OWN family.  Depending on how you feel about that, it can be a good or bad thing.  But at the very least you don’t have to be introduced to a bunch of cousins and aunts and uncles that you can’t keep track of without a family tree that have no blood relation to you.  It’s hard enough to figure who belongs with who in your own family…much less a family you hardly know.  So as the single one…be comfortable and yourself with your family.  Feel free to belch away and make THEM as awkward as you want.
  • No Elf on the Shelf:  That’s right, us single folk don’t have any creepy elves stalking our every move and messing with our stuff.
  • More Eggnog for you!  Have an extra glass or a Hot Toddy or an Irish Coffee.  Go ahead, throw a bottle of wine in your stocking…who put that there?
  • More Money, Less Stress:  Consider the money you are saving?  And the stress you aren’t experiencing by trying to figure out that perfect gift for either the love of your life or the newbie you kind of like?  Picking out that perfect gift that says how much I care or says “I like you, but not too much…so enjoy this scarf” can be a bit overwhelming.  AND not having to buy that gift means more money for SHOES or whatever self indulgent unnecessary gift to yourself that you definitely deserve.
  • Hello Holiday Movies:  No one to interrupt or judge you while binge watching all those Christmas movies you have saved on your TiVo.  So stay guilt free in your PJ’s on the sofa and pour another glass.
  • No Shave All Winter:  Uh huh, I said it.  If guys can get away without shaving for an entire month why can’t all the single ladies?  Sleeping alone in your own comfy bed right smack in the middle not having to worry about having perfectly silky legs is my idea of a good night’s sleep for Christmas Eve.
  • Leftovers:  You don’t have to share!  ‘Nuff said.