In case you didn't catch it  Scott Taylor joined me this morning.  The Scott Taylor Band music is gaining popularity and fast.  His latest CD entitled "Beautiful Sin" and stacked with great songs.  His latest single "By Now" has just charted number 1 on a nationally syndicated countdown show heard all around the world.  Not bad for a Goliad boy!  The band has started 2016 with a new booking agent and are pushing the envelope with bigger shows on the horizon.  They will be opening for some of the biggest Texas Country acts for 2016, but still does not forget where he comes from.  You can catch regularly at a couple of venues in the area.  I also had the privilege of debuting for the first time anywhere his new single "Beautiful Sin"   His biggest musical influence was his father.  He started playing music in 2009 with two members in his band and seven years later here we are.  Scott's advice is if  you want to make it in the music business you need patience and poise along with persistence.  Of course Wade Stockton made his presence felt.  We closed with his calling card "5 seconds....."  if you have been to one of his shows you no exactly what that means.  If not I guess you need to see him.  A big thanks to Scott Taylor for joining me on the show this morning and keep making awesome music bro!