In the town of Brush in northeastern Colorado, a cow made quite a stir by escaping her pen and walking half a mile to a local McDonald’s. We doubt she was there for the burgers. Maybe she just wanted a milkshake?

Last Friday, Darcy the dairy cow broke out of her enclosure, hoofed it to the fast-food restaurant and wandered through the drive-thru, posing for pictures in the process.

According to Sandy Winn, the cow’s owner, Darcy tends to wander off when she’s looking for attention. Either that, or she stopped by the burger joint to visit a dearly-departed member of her family. “[Darcy wasn't] making any orders,” joked Winn. “Maybe visiting relatives, but not making any orders.”

Eventually, the Winns fetched the cow and took her home. For now, they’re keeping the “stubborn” animal penned up, lest she make another fast food run. “She’d probably go there again if she could get out,” said Winn. Not that we blame her. McDonald’s shakes are the bomb!