It's not quite what you think though.  The Texas Longhorns had their annual alumni game on Saturday and Roger Clemens started on the mound for the first time in a few years.  He looked quite impressive as well.  Yes he was pitching against college players but it still appeared as if he had some movement left on a few of his pitches.

Some say he should make a comeback which isn't too far fetched considering Jamie Moyer is still playing and like Clemens, they will  be celebrating their 50th birthday this year.  However,  if Clemens came back for another year of baseball, it would make him ineligible for the Hall of Fame voting this year.

The experts are looking at Clemens and saying there is no way he will be inducted this year,  and also saying that it wouldn't be fair to Pete Rose if all of these steroid users can make it, then why not Pete?  What is your opinion.  If the users of performance enhancing drugs are in the Hall of Fame should they include Pete Rose?  I sure do!!