It's that time of year all over South Texas... livestock show time. There's not a better way to support the youth of your county or any number of surrounding counties than to be a participant in these annual events. The latest of these livestock shows took place in Refugio where the  total money collected at the auction was a little short of last year's total.

The 2012 Refugio Livestock Show Auction brought in a bit less money than last year, but that's not downing anyones spirits. Last year, the auction earned $376,687, and this year they are down only several thousand, however that number was not immediately available, said Brenda Mundine, with the Youth Livestock Auction Association. Ms. Mundine told the Victoria Advocate, "The turnout was good,  we've lost some buyers, but we've got more groups than what we've had from the past."

The grand champion steer, shown by Kodye Neel, sold for $6,000 to LB Contracting.

The grand champion lamb, shown by Abigail Shay, sold for $4,250 to Shay Plaza.

The grand champion hog, shown by Joe Richard Castellano, sold for $6,000 to Champion Technologies, Elite Compression Services, J&J Fireworks, LB Contracting, Quinn Pump and Supply, South Central Cementers.

The grand champion goat, shown by Demi Rosas, sold for $8,000 to Gary and Deborah Bellows.

The grand champion turkey, shown by Dalton Klare, sold for $3,750 to Refugio Co. Farm Bureau Insurance.

The grand champion broilers, shown by Ti Beall, sold for $4,100 to Allison Ranch and Kevin Jones.

The grand champion rabbits, shown by Cecilia Bauer, sold for $6,300 to Betty Bauer, JTB Oil Company, Ag Med Supply, Atzenhoffer Chevrolet & Cadillac.

The reserve champion steer, shown by Kasye McCool, sold for $5,999 to Refugio Co. Farm Bureau Insurance, Woodsboro Farms COOP.

The reserve champion lamb, shown by Courtney Myers, sold for $4,249 to Kevin Jones, R.W. Dirk Petroleum Engineer, Inc.

The reserve champion hog, shown by Johnathan Rosas, sold for $5,999 to Gary and Deborah Bellows, Hard Core Equipment, LLC, Merrill Lease Service, Solutions Chemical Serving.

The reserve champion turkey, shown by Esmeralda Torres, sold for $3,449 to Dirty Dozen.

The reserve champion goat, shown by Lacie Beall, sold for $3,000 to Ag Med Supply, Atzenhoffer Chevrolet and Cadillac, Beeville Livestock Commission.

The reserve champion broilers, shown by Michelle Rosas, sold for $3,500 to Elite Compression Services, H-E-B.

The reserve champion rabbits, show by Colten Hesseltine, sold for $2,500 to Causey Ranch.

Congratulations to these fine young people.