Randy Travis has premiered the video for his latest single ‘Everything and All,’ which is one of six new songs included on his most current album, ‘Anniversary Collection.’ In the video, Travis leads viewers through a whirlwind journey, as cameras travel at warp speed throughout various scenes.

In the ‘Everything and All’ video, Travis can be seen performing with his band as he sings the lyrics to catchy song while strumming on his guitar. Travis seems to be performing in some kind of warehouse, with a huge screen set up behind him. As the country icon sings the fast-paced, upbeat tune, the screen projects neck-breaking time-lapse visuals of people going through a normal day in their native towns, from the bustling streets of a metropolis to the peaceful countryside.

Another interesting element to the ‘Everything and All’ video comes with the certain lyrics Travis delivers throughout the song. As the beat of the song starts, the word “guitar” projects on the screen as the band kicks it into high gear. Also, when Travis croons about mountains and oceans, pictures of these majestic landscapes are displayed, and so on.

We are glad to see that Randy Travis isn’t letting his recent health scare slow him down. On top of releasing the ‘Everything and All’ video, Travis also performed at a USO fundraiser last week.

Watch the Randy Travis ‘Everything and All’ Video