You mean I actually have to go outside now?  That has been the statement around the world this weekend as the Playstation Network has been down since Wednesday night.  If you don't know what the Playstation Network is or also referred to as the "PSN",  it basically lets you play video games online.I have been playing video games for quite awhile now.  I started on the Atari, then Nintendo, Sega, Playstation 1,2, and now the Playstation 3.  What can I say, I love video games.  I play sports and shooter games like Madden, Tiger Woods, NBA Live, FIFA, NHL, College Football, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Fallout are just a few.

One great thing about the Playstation Network would be allowing people from all over the world connecting together through video games.  I have a few friends from Europe, a friend in Israel, China, Russia, and most are here in the U.S.  It's kind of like social networking for people that like to play video games.  I can keep in touch with some of my good friends that I've known for awhile through video games and it's fun playing an old friend in Madden that lives 1,400 miles away.  One thing I like to do is play Nazi Zombies with my friend from Virginia.  It's an addition to the game Call Of Duty Black Ops.  Try it sometime and see if you can beat my record of getting to round 40 with 2 people.  Yea I'm a nerd but that's impressive!

On Wednesday the Playstation Network went down.  That means nobody is allowed to play online if they have a PS3.  It happens every once in awhile but usually for only an hour or two so they can do a little maintenance.  This time though it's been 4 days and quite a few people are really starting to get upset including myself.  One thing about the Playstation is that they don't charge you a monthly fee to play online like Xbox users.  So do we really have the right to complain when something isn't working when we don't even pay for it to begin with?

I have read many statements the past few days about the outage and people are saying that somebody hacked into Sony and caused the problem.  That is the problem.  They have a problem with Sony and they are attacking the customers.  Not so much attacking but the customers are suffering from these people.  How someone could hack into a big corporation like that is scary and it will make other large companies rethink their security online.

To be honest with you, it didn't really affect me.  I've been a little bored at times throughout the weekend but more specifically today.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I was busy anyway and not even home to enjoy online gaming, but today I'm bored.  I wouldn't mind playing.  Some people are being ridiculous about it though.  I've read comments like, "You mean I actually have to go outside", "I have to go talk to people in real life now", others are cursing at Sony for the problem.

I can't even imagine some kids and even adults playing 24/7 where a problem like this is like the end of the world to some people.  A friend of mine was telling me the other day that his son called him at 2:30 a.m. saying he made it to level 10 in Black Ops and my friend told him to get to bed.  My friends son is 13 and it was a school night.  Parents might want to be a little more alert how much time their kids spend with online gaming.  Even with gaming in general.  It kills your eyes after a long period of time and too many kids just stay indoors playing video games all day.  Do you really want to know why your kid doesn't want to do anything with you?  It's because all he wants to do is get to level 15 on Black Ops.  Now I don't really know if that's the case but I tell you I have been there and I remember quite a few times in my life I have passed up doing something fun with friends or family to just stay at home drinking soda and playing video games.  They can get quite addicting.

We won't have any idea when Sony will fix the problem with getting online.  It could be back online as I'm typing this, it could be a few hours, days, or weeks.  It just gives people a chance to actually find a new hobby, sport, spend more time with their family or do whatever you like.  I can't wait though to play some Madden, Tiger Woods, and Black Ops online.  Have your kids been complaining about the Playstation not working this weekend?  Even adults, I'm 31 and I play at least once a day.