I found out yesterday that Bud Selig will be retiring as the MLB Commissioner after the 2012 season.  I can honestly say I'm happy about that as Pete Rose will have a better shot at the Hall Of Fame.

Pete Rose also known as "Charlie Hustle", is the all time Major League leader in hits, games played, at-bats, outs and many more records.  He has been in the All Star Game 17 times.  He has played first base,second base, third base, left field, right field, and manager.  That is quite impressive for a man not in the Hall Of Fame.  Now if you don't know Pete Rose then you will soon realize why Bud Selig is keeping him out.

In 1989 Pete Rose was questioned about betting on baseball.  Rose denied all allegations then later the same year agreed to be placed on the ineligibility list.  Then in 1991 the Hall of Fame voted to permanently exclude those on the ineligibility list to be inducted, and Rose is the only player on that list.

In 1997 he reapplied to be reinstated where Selig was thinking about it and then shot it down.  The same thing in 2009 where he was "seriously thinking about it".  In 2007 Rose finally admitted to betting on his team every night to win.  Because he loved his team and I believe that.  Sure it was really wrong to do but he loves the game more than anybody that has ever played the game.

I think they should let him in.  Do you think they will after the 2012 season when Bud Selig retires? I'm hoping so but I would really like to hear what you think about Pete Rose.