Heidi Sanchez is our person of the week and she wanted to help animals hurt by the wildfires in the region. Her goal is to fill a FedEx truck with supplies to take to the Bastrop Animal Shelter by the end of this week. The Bastrop shelter will be sharing supplies with Austin Pets Alive and Austin Humane Society.

The supplies needed are: latex gloves, guaze, tape, peroxide, pepto, benadryl, alcohol, paper towels, clorox wipes, cat/dog/bird food, toys, blankets, new and used cages, leashes, cat litter, bowls, litter pans, potty pads or bed pads, water, trash bags, disposable bowls, or "Frito Pie" dishes from Sams Club, animal shampoo, flea products, dog chews, and cat toys. 

They really are going through tough times over there so let's help our our Texas neighbors.  Drop off locations are at Hillcrest Animal Hospital, Crossroads Vet Clinic, Lone Star Animal Hospital, Ashley Furniture, Bible Book Store, Duffy's Lawn and Garden, Kia Dealership, Don Jose on Airline, Fit Strong United, Gabriella's Accents, Ellie & Co. Hair Salon, The Palm Tree Boutique, and Crown Hospice. 

Heidi used to work for Dr. Beck at Hillcrest Animal Hospital, and by helping some clients in their homes with their pets created her idea of a pet boarding business for special needs animals. She takes care of all animals, special needs or not. She just wants people to focus more on animal rights and give them the attention they deserve. That is why she started Operation Furry Friends of Fire. The people in BASTROP NEED US...THE PETS IN BASTROP NEED US.