There are quite a few opinions on Jay Cutler's knee injury during the NFC Championship game vs. the Packers on Sunday.  Even NFL players are getting involved saying he should have played.  I will give Jay this, we don't know the type of injury he has yet.  However, why was he walking around on the sidelines?  If he can walk around then in my opinion he should have at least tried a few more plays.  

The Bears were already losing the game and it certainly wouldn't have hurt, especially when they put in Todd Collins in the game who was horrible.  They even put the third string QB Hanie who went 13-20 with 153 yards and a touchdown.  I don't understand it, it's the NFC Championship game and he should have played untill he just couldn't walk.  He was on the sidelines, no crutches, no trainers not even looking at him. 

How many times in the NFL or in sports have athletes pushed their limits to help the team win the big game, which this was a pretty big one for the Bears.  You have a shot at the Super Bowl and it just seemed like he gave up, it seemed like the Bears gave up.  I would have played despite having an injury, plus you have 7-8 months to heal before the next football season. 

As you can probably tell I'm not too happy with him quitting but I still don't know the injury, or how much he pleaded to the coaches and trainers to let him play.  I don't know the facts nor do millions of other people bashing Cutler for not trying to play, and that's the power that the viewers have and always had, the power to question, degrade, ridicule, and bash a professional athlete. 

Have you ever seen the show Pros vs. Joes?  It's funny to see some wannabe athletes take on Professionals, and untill we get put into their shoes, we can only begin to understand the life of a Pro.  Should he have tried a few more plays? I think so, but I'm not the coach, the trainer, or the player.

For more about yesterday's game between the Packers and the Bears, you can visit ESPN's website.