Everyone knows by now the NFL has not yet come to an agreement.  What happens when you take away training camp, and the possibility of no NFL season? 

Denver Broncos wide receiver Britt Davis was offered a job as store manager at Abercrombie and Fitch.  Chad Ochocinco tried Major League Soccer and bullriding but didn't work out too well.  Baltimore Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski is going back to boxing which isn't too bad considering he was a 2006 Gold Gloves Winner.  Meanwhile other players have taken to helping out their local hometown charities. 

Then there are two quarterbacks who are pretty well known in the NFL, Peyton and Eli Manning are starring in a spoof to promote Sunday Ticket with Direct TV. The Manning brothers are cast as former players turned cops. They are normally clean shaved guys but both of the Mannings have mustaches. Pretty good ones too. Eli supports a Fu Manchu while Peyton settles for a regular bushy mustache.

So if there isn't an NFL season this year I'm sure these two have a career in the tv business.  They do a pretty good job actually as Peyton is no stranger to the camera having an appearance on Saturday Night Live.  Check out the trailer for Football Cops below!