Well, here we go again. Another 'American Idol' winner trying to make a name in country music. I guess it just proves how country music reaches the common man (and woman) in a way that other genres of music can't.

Just four months after he was named this year’s American Idol, Scotty McCreery is coming out with his first album, Clear as Day. According to CMT Daily Roundup, the 17-year-old was very hands-on in the process of readying the CD. He even picked out family photos to include in the special ‘Zinepak [pronounced ZEEN-pak] – which includes the CD and a magazine filled with exclusive material – that will be sold exclusively at Wal-Mart. When asked what sort of photos were in the 'Zinepak', McCreery said, “There’s a bunch of funny ones in there that nobody’s really ever seen before, except the family. So, you’ll see young Scotty, you’ll see old Scotty, so, it’s, uh, it always brings a good laugh, you know. Lookin’ back and seeing how it was back then and, and, kinda lookin’ through the years and watching me grow. It was pretty cool to flip through the pages. There’s some cool pictures in there.” Only 80-thousand ‘Zinepaks were produced, so make sure that you get to Wal-Mart early tomorrow.

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