Country music continues to grow in all directions. Blake Shelton has done great things for the genre by appearing as a coach on tv's "The Voice". Now his lovely wife, Miranda Lambert, is getting involved as a 'mentor' on the popular television show.

Miranda Lambert is set to appear on NBC’s The Voice, airing tonight. Miranda will serve as an advisor to husband Blake Shelton’s team before the first “Battle Round.” When speaking with CMT Daily Roundup, Miranda said, “I love the show, I’m a big fan. I liked being—semi being a part of it last year, but I also love to watch just as a fan. So, even though my husband is a coach, I don’t let him tell me any of the behind the scenes stuff, ‘cause I wanna watch and be surprised!” Kelly Clarkson will also help mentor Team Blake. The Voice airs tonight at 8PM Eastern on NBC.

Watch a video preview of Miranda mentoring RaeLynn of Team Blake here -

Miranda takes us behind the scenes of writing her latest single, “Over You,” with Blake. “We started writin’ this song on the bus. I don’t even know why really. I think maybe we had been talkin’ about Richie and talkin’ about the wedding, you know, sayin’, ‘Wish Richie could be there at the wedding,’ and it just kinda came to us. He was playin’ this melody and kinda said (singing), ‘Weatherman says it’s gonna snow,’ and I was like, ‘That’s kinda cool,’ and then it just started kinda becoming about that subject, and I said, ‘You went away,’ and he said, ‘How dare you,’ for the line, and we both just broke down cryin’. And I’ve never cried writin’ a song before, and I don’t know that I ever will again.”

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