It's always interesting, well, at least to me, to find out what today's country recording artists listened to as they were making their own way to the top of the charts. Sometimes the influences are obvious, sometimes I'm a little surprised. In this case, the influence isn'r particularly evident, but I'm certainly not surprised.

Faith Hill fans have already gotten a taste of what’s to come on her next album with the single, “Come Home.” Some of Faith’s fellow country singers may also be anticipating the album. Taylor Swift has always looked up to Faith, and Miranda Lambert says her records were a big part of her life growing up. Miranda was speaking with CMT Daily Roundup when she said, “I was lovin’ people that had something different, you know, that did something a little bit different. And, like, when Faith did the pop album...the Cry record...I just thought it was great. Her singing was cool and it was something different I’d never heard from little ‘ol country Faith Hill, you know?” No release date has been set for Faith’s new album. “Come Home” is available now on iTunes.
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