If you're old enough, you remember a time before music videos. Yes, believe it or not, there was a time when you might hear a song on the radio hundreds of times before you ever knew what the artist looked like. People used to watch "variety" shows on television so they could catch a glimpse of their favorite recording artists. Then there were shows like American Bandstand, Soultrain, Shindig, Hullabaloo, Action and others that featured the popular recording artists of the day. (This is all second hand information, of course.  :)  Then Don Kirshner's Rock Concert and Midnight Special came along, once a week mind you, to give us our fix of "live" musical performance. Then later, much later, there was MTV, VH1, and GAC and CMT to play videos of all your favorite musicians. In fact, now, music videos are so commonplace, it's highly unusual if an artist doesn't release a video with every song. Which brings me to Miranda Lambert.

Fans everywhere are asking, “Will there be a music video for Miranda Lambert’s ‘Baggage Claim?’” Miranda says they’re skipping it and explains why. CMT Daily Roundup quotes Miranda as saying, “We didn’t do a video for ‘Baggage Claim,’ umm, because the song is actually, was going so fast. It’s rising so fast, we really didn’t have time, by the time we got the video out the song would’ve been already in the Top 5. So, we just opted to skip it and do a video for the next single.” However, Miranda is coming to a television near you today as she performs “Baggage Claim” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live!
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