Earlier this week, my wife and I were at the Walmart in Wharton, when I spotted a group of three young ladies, and a little boy who was in a very high-tech-looking wheelchair. I couldn’t help but notice that the boy obviously suffered from some sort of physical disability that affected his motor skills, but the two younger girls (teenagers) were talking to him, and doing their best to keep him amused. They were doing a good job, because he seemed to be having a good time, even though it was apparent that he couldn’t verbalize it. As our paths in the aisle crossed, my wife and I said hello to them, and they all said hello back, and the young woman (who turned out to be the boy’s mother, Brittaine Munn) encouraged her son to wave at us, which he did as best he could. We introduced ourselves, and Brittaine introduced us to this wonderful little six-year-old named Anthony.

In our former home of Jonesboro, Arkansas, the radio station where I worked for nearly nine years before moving to Texas (KDXY-FM 104.9 The Fox) held an annual “Wish-A-Thon” to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I had seen many children who were waiting for their special wish to be granted, and many who had already experienced the “Power of a Wish.” A few of these special kids had wheelchairs similar to the one in which Anthony sat; so I asked the young mom about Anthony’s condition. My wife and I nearly broke down in tears when Brittaine told us this sweet child was a victim of “Shaken Baby Syndrome.” Here is Anthony’s story, exactly as told by his mom on his Facebook page:

Anthony was shaken May 26, 2008. Anthony was 14 months old the day his life ended. He was a happy, smart, beautiful little boy. He didn't deserve to be so brutally attacked by a man he should have been able to trust. May 26,2008. Anthony legally died that day. He spent 16 days on life support. And for 12 of those days hospital staff told me he would never survive the damage done to him, that he would be a vegetable, he would never wake up. They begged me for his organs, I told them the final time that the only way we were donating any organs was if God himself came down from heaven to take Anthony. But 16 days later he did… June 11,2008 Anthony opened one beautiful eye, a blue eye turned lime green.. The next day the other eye. The next day they took him off the vent and he continued to breathe. 18 days I went without holding my little boy. I could only lay my head next to him.
Anthony has always been a blessing but now he is a miracle. I thank God every day for standing my ground and never losing my faith, because of this I was blessed with 5 more beautiful, rewarding, and heart breaking years. He was the worst case of survived SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME in the history of Dell Children's Hospital Thus far. Let’s keep it that way. My son has a story to tell…and I would like to tell that story.

Well, Anthony’s story touched our hearts, so I promised Brittaine I would write a blog post here on the KIXS website to help to spread the word, and promote awareness of this all-too-common crime against the most innocent members of our community! Please get to know Anthony and his mom, Brittaine Munn by “liking” and “sharing” the Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ShakenBabySurvivorAnthony. Learn more about Shaken Baby Syndrome—and ways that you can help prevent it from happening—at the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome website, www.dontshake.org.

Thank you!—Skeeter Nash