RCR Homes, “Your Crossroads Builder”, would like to take a moment to say Thank You to all the Heroes Behind the Badge.  We want to say Thank You to all the police officers, sheriff’s deputies, corrections officers, detectives, parole officers, probation officers, SWAT team members, traffic cops, police supervisors, law enforcement managers, fire fighters, EMS personnel and police chiefs.

This week we would like to honor Officer Joseph E Felan. He sometimes goes by the nickname Joey. He has been in law enforcement for 17 1/2 years. His best memory as a child is being at Astroworld. He  enjoys all types of music but when he gets to work before everyone gets there, he usually plays Tejano music. His favorite concert he went to is Lady Antebellum in Austin and Charles Kelley hi-5ed my youngest daughter.  The expression of her face was priceless.  Also took his oldest to see My Chemical Romance and lost her in a mosh pit.  Don't worry he found here 3 hours later.  He has a dog named Zoey and a cat named Poe. We asked him what made him want to be in law enforcement, he told us he grew up in Victoria and wanted to make a difference in our community.  His advice  to anyone is always remember who you are, where you came from, and be respectful. Besides being in law enforcement he is a DJ, football referee, and Big Houston Texan fan. He has been married to his beautiful bride Olga Felan for almost 24 years. He also has two daughters, Anissa and Rebecca.  He said he has been blessed to work at a great agency and with a bunch of good people.  Best part of his job is meeting new people and interacting with children.

If you know of someone who deserves to be honored please fill out the brief questionnaire below. Each week our station will be honoring a law enforcement person on air.  Heroes Behind the badge is brought to you by KIXS 108 and RCR Homes Your crossroads builder.