DeTar Community Healthcare, Ashley Furniture Homestore, McAdams Floral, KIXS 108 and Q 92 teamed up to recognize a breast cancer fighter and wanted to help inspire, give hope and push forward to those battling the disease. This week we recognized Mary Grace Krejci. Her daughter Amanda submitted her name. See what Amanda says below about her mom.

My mom is a breast cancer survivor, colon cancer survivor, ovarian cancer survivor & is now battling round 2 of ovarian cancer & is winning this one as well. My mom is the strongest person I know and has never asked "why me" or felt sorry for herself since she began this cancer battle in 2001. My mom is the back bone of our entire family and has shown us all what a true fighter really is. Her biggest concern has never been will she survive but who is she putting out or who is she not being able to help because she is feeling bad.None of these cancers has stopped my mom from being at every event that my children are in from baseball to football to volleyball. I remember asking her a couple of years ago to please NOT come to the stock show because of her immune system and then turning around and there she was… all her denim looking like a million bucks with a huge smile on her face as if to say “you can’t boss me”…that’s my mom! I cannot tell you in enough words how proud I am to call this lady mom. For the rest of my life she will by my inspiration and the whisperer in my ear to be the best person I can be. I love you mom forever and always!

Mary you are in our thoughts and prayers.