I'm sure everyone has heard about the cruise ship that ran into a few rocks and caused mass chaos.  It is shocking to hear about something like this due to knowing where your supposed to go and don't they have sonar, a nautical chart, or some type of fish finder but it's used to find shallow ground?  Obviously those instruments weren't working correctly.  However the captain was actually only 1,000 ft off shore which isn't very far.

The captain of the ship is actually in a lot of trouble due to leaving his ship without taking care of the passengers, which is really horrible being that they are usually the last ones off.  That is a good reason to worry about your safety.

It's in my opinion the closest thing to the Titanic disaster and you sure do learn a lot about yourself when going through some type of traumatic situation.  Will you think twice now about booking your next cruise or are you usually paranoid of something going wrong while on a cruise.  Maybe you freak out when you see a few storm clouds.  Let us know about your cruise!