This morning as I scrolled through my Facebook feed I came up on “Brody’s Love” and it really touched me. I have followed Brody’s Love for a few months now. This family took in two children, Hope and Brody, whose mother left both of them at the hospital. Brody was diagnosed with Spastic Cerebral Palsy and Cortical Blindness. Brody is nonverbal, cannot walk, see, or crawl but will touch your heart and show you the greatest gift of love - and he has the most angelic smile.

His dad’s post really tugged at my heart and I thought: wouldn’t it be amazing to show this family how BIG Texas really is?

Texas does everything BIG! So I am asking for you to make any type of donation to this family. They are in a need of a van that can get them to all of Brody’s appointments and therapy.

I have posted Brody’s story below for you to read. I admire his parents for the devotion and love that they have given their children. I can’t imagine what these parents go through every day.

If at this time you can’t donate, please take the time and say a prayer for these families to find a way to make this possible or share the post.

Here’s is Brody’s page on Facebook. You can donate through their Gofundme account here. Or you can donate through a Paypal account at You can also send a check or money order in the mail:
Brody's Love
Box 178
1958 North Columbia St.
Ste #6
Milledgeville, GA 31061

Brody’s Story (from Leigh’s Facebook):

Me (Leigh) and Tj will be married 14 years on July 1. Been together for 19 yrs. We always wanted a family and children of our own. After 9 devastating miscarriages, and surgeries, and infertility treatments we decided to follow Gods plan and go the adoption route and see what would happen. I never gave up on being a mother! We got a call of a little baby girl that was born on July. 6 and was born and the birth mom left right after birth. Without hesitation we fell in love with this beautiful baby! We named her Hope because we always hoped for a baby. Hope grew and was a very happy and loving child! Fast forward almost 3 years later we got another call of Hopes brother was born. We of course said yes. If siblings can they should be raised together. The only thing about this little baby boy was that he was born early. 31 weeks and was being transferred to the nearest NICU unit. He had went into respiratory distress and had a grade 2 brain bleed. A few weeks later the diagnosis of PVL. A condition of cysts on the brain that affects the white matter. The hospital doctors said that he had a 50/50 chance of being normal with no issues. But we loved him either way. He was so tiny! We traveled and visited him in the NICU until he could come home. I held him in my hands but he grew. Six months later was a heart crusher! Back to the doctor at the developmental clinic. Spastic cerebral palsy and cortical blindness is what he was diagnosed with. What! No! I cried the whole way home. The doctors gave us the option of putting Brody in a home for others like him. We declined. And prayed for God to lead us through this journey. At 6 months the infantile spasms started. We had no idea what these was at the time. We visited many doctors but finally found one to help Brody. They put him on a high dose of steroids and it stopped them. Was also diagnosed with metopic crainiostynosis, clonus, and dystonia. And now developed focal/partial seizures. So here we are today. Brody is now 3. Hope will be 6 soon on July 6. They both are so happy and laugh so much! We love music and love helping others. Brody is nonverbal, cannot walk, see, or crawl but will touch your heart and show you the greatest gift of love and he has the most angelic smile. I stay at home and raise the kids and homeschool. Full time and then some of job I have. Tj works a lot so much to help our family. I have been blogging for over 2 yrs. We don't have a lot of blood family so we consider each of you as our family. We love each of you! Here is our gofund me page if you can share with everyone. I know some of you have asked if we one and we do.

Also some have asked about a mailbox for anything you want to send the kids. Hope checks it herself and the kids love getting mail! We all do!