No matter what you think of "American Idol", it's hard to deny... they have uncovered some very talented people you mayhave never heard of otherwise. Even though Lauren Alaina did not finish first in the competition, she is making quite a splash for herself in the country music world.

Lauren Alaina will return to the stage where it all began for her as she performs her current single “Georgia Peaches” on American Idol next Thursday (3/8). Lauren is sure to feel more relaxed this time around since she knows what to expect. Lauren spoke with CMT Daily Roundup saying, “On the show you wake up and you don’t really know what you’re doing for the day. Like you just – you get on a bus and you go to the studio or wherever you need to go and they tell you whether or not you need to be camera ready. If you need to be camera ready you know that you’re either gonna meet someone really important or you’re gonna have to do an interview of some kind. And that’s literally like your everyday, you have no idea what’s up ahead.” Lauren already has her summer plans mapped out for her as she was announced as one of the two opening acts for Sugarland’s upcoming In The Hands Of The Fans tour.
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