Take a look at yourself. Have you reached your "ultimate" goal? Are you doing what you've always wanted to do? Do you have a goal that you are working towards? How do you intend to get there? 

It's the same for all motivated people. Right now is, well, right now. The future may hold something completely different in store. What you're doing right now may just be a part of the journey.
American Idol runner-up Lauren Alaina made her debut into the country music world this year, but she has other dreams that haven’t been fulfilled yet. She tells the National Ledger, “Someday, I’d love to do acting.” Right now, the 17-year-old is focused on her music career and told CMT Daily Roundup she’s not sure she’s ready for Hollywood just yet, although it has been “discussed.” Lauren kicks off 2012 by hitting the road on Jason Aldean’s My Kinda Party tour, ramping back up again at the end of January.
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