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Show You Care by Giving Blood this Thursday
Having worked with the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center here in Victoria quite a bit over the years, we know how important it is to give blood. The need for this precious fluid is ongoing, but sometimes it's difficult to see how it affects people we know, our friends and neighbors.
KIXS Roadshow at Ashley on Saturday
Are you getting healthy sleep? Do you need a Better Night’s Sleep? Come on out to Ashely Homestore and meet their Sleep Expert Irving Barajas from BeautyRest who has a wealth of knowledge and insight. Stop by and discover the latest innovations in mattress technology and learn how to…
Victoria Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week
This week, Victoria Crime Stoppers need your help finding whoever is responsible for gunshots fired into a parked vehicle.
Officially, the crime is Deadly Conduct.
According to police,  the incident occurred Sunday, May 6th at around 2 am in Victoria...

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