Getting to the top is very hard. Staying there is ten times as hard. Ask any coubtry artist that has become successful and remained successful... it's very important to continue growing.

Lady Antebellum’s Own the Night is at the top of the Billboard Country Albums chart for the 5th consecutive week. According to CMT Daily Roundup, Lady A’s Hillary Scott says the band took some risks with the new music, but it seems to have paid off. “I feel like this is some of our most traditional. I mean, we took some risks on a couple of them. But, we took some risks, too, with production and just kind of thought outside of the box a little bit, but more than anything I think we just tried to write songs that we have lived. These are all a part of us, you know? These are our babies.” Own the Night features the band’s current single, “Dancin’ Away With My Heart.”
 Since its release last September, Own the Night has spent 9 out of 18 weeks at #1.
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