You think you had a busy year? Lady Antebellum has had the busiest year of their career... so far. They're hoping it will continue into 2012... and you know... I'm betting it will.

Lady Antebellum had a lot to celebrate this year as their third album, Own The Night, went Platinum just after four weeks of its release. The group has now sold a career total seven-million albums worldwide, and recently celebrated their sixth #1 single, “We Owned The Night.” The band made sure each song on Own The Night was selected to represent their original sound. CMT Daily Roundup reports Lady Antebellum as saying,  “(Charles) It’s kind of who we are, we don’t know too much about changing the world, but we know about love, lost, and gained, and having a good time. So, that’s usually what we stick too but I do feel like we found our sound a little bit more on this record. You know, kind of what we are and kind of hound in on that.” Lady Antebellum’s success will continue to grow in 2012, as Own The Night is nominated for Best Album at the Grammy Awards, and their current single “Dancing Away With My Heart” continues to climb the charts.

    In February, Lady Antebellum was honored with five Grammy awards, which they used to inspire them to work harder while creating their current album Own The Night. “It was one of those moments where we kind of had a surreal moment and we looked at each other and said, ‘We got a lot to work to do.’ It inspired us and put a little extra pressure in a good way of like, ‘Okay this is our moment to take this thing and make a great record.’”

    Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott was engaged to drummer Chris Tyrrell over Fourth of July weekend this year, and the couple is continuing to gather details for their wedding that is speculated to happen next year. “There will definitely be a live band at the reception for sure, but for the ceremony I haven’t really decided yet. I mean I love strings, so maybe like a string quartet, but then I’ll probably end up asking some friend that we have – I haven’t asked him yet so I don’t want to say it out loud. I have someone in mind that I love very much, and is dear to Chris and I that I’m thinking about asking.” Another member of Lady A got engaged in 2011 too. Dave Haywood popped the question to girlfriend Kelli Cashiola just before Christmas.

    I'll have more on Lady A in a later blog.

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