Sometimes, you just shouldn’t push a Bridesmaid too far. Especially if there’s a Siamese cat involved, as we see in this clip from IFC’s “Portlandia” (warning: mild salty language ahead).

See, that’s the problem with having your cat as a part of the band: he’s so cute that everyone just wants to abduct him in their van.

‘Portlandia’ stars Kristen Wiig‘s fellow ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast member Fred Armisen and former Sleater-Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein, currently of alt-rockers Wild Flag. Together they send up the hipster excesses of Brownstein’s adopted hometown, from overly serious games of hide and seek to a feminist bookstore not even women want to walk into.  ’SNL’ actually has a lot of ties to ‘Portlandia’; it’s produced by ‘SNL’ and ’30 Rock’ mastermind Lorne Michaels.

Wiig’s debut on the show airs tonight at 10pm, on IFC.