I've written before about the 'business' of country music. Let's take a look at a tour that's going on right now. Those of you that have had a chance to see this tour already know what I'm talking about. CMT Daily Roundup reports that Kenny Chesney’s Goin’ Coastal tour was recently called “the biggest ticket seller in country music” by Billboard magazine. Here’s a peek into what it takes to make this massive tour a reality!

More than 110 people are on tour with Kenny, including crew, drivers, caterers, sound and lighting technicians, and musicians. For stadium shows, the number shoots up to 140.

23 trucks and 10 buses make up Kenny’s fleet. While the trucks barrel on to the next stop, buses will return home between shows along with the band and crew, logging approximately 60,000 miles each tour.

The weight of the Goin' Coastal stage set-up comes out to approximately 80,000 pounds.

Set-up for the tour is a nearly eight-hour process, with work starting at 8AM, the stage rolled out at 1PM and sound check taking place around 3PM.

The stage is framed by "periaktoi" columns, which are three-sided columns influenced by ancient Greek theatre. One side features video tiles, the second features lighting and strobes, and the third is all mirrors.

 Kenny says he feels most comfortable when he’s on stage. Chesney said, “That’s where my life is. You know, when I’m up there with my band, and we’re in the zone and playin’ music, and me and the band and the crowd, thousands of people that are in front of us, are all in sync, that’s a very special thing to feel.”

So next time you attend a huge concert, particularly a tour show, try to imagine how many people are involved in making it happen. It can be mind boggling.