KIXS 108 and the Port Lavaca Auto Group are proud to be bringing Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison to the Phoenix Chemical Technologies Stage at Schroeder Hall. On June 23rd, you are in for a real treat. These are two of the premiere performers, not only on the Texas music scene, but nationally as well.

In a review of this years South By Southwest performance, it was written "Kelly Willis’ voice swoops and offers a satiny sheen that is both silky and so fluid it threatens to slip through the notes being played by her and husband Bruce Robison’s crackerjack band. For years the darling of progressive country fans, the sweetheart of the post modern rodeo was both too cool and too traditional for what got on the radio.

That said, there’s no argument about the kind of ice country the first couple of Austin’s roots music scene crafts. Loose-limbed, sweeping and designed to get those belt buckles polishing, it’s a testament to road houses, honky tonks, Wurlitzer jukeboxes and neon that’s fixing to buzz until it’s burned out.

Layers of luxurious steel guitar slather straightforward country music, bass thumping and following the melody line, drums kicking and the piano pushing a tide of notes and chords that’s let the songs ride. And what songs they are.

Robison, obviously, has written some of mainstream’s country’s best songs – George Strait’s “Wrapped,” Tim McGraw’s “Angry All The Time” and the Dixie Chicks’ “Travelling Soldier.” But what the pair choose to embrace for themselves suggests the best of countrypolitan and western. Echoes of Tammy Wnynette, Ray Price and pre-Julio Willie Nelson can be heard: the trills in the thickest part of Willis’ warmed brandy sob and Robison’s head-tossed back bleeting."

Don't miss this opportunity to see theses talented singer/songwriters. Advance tickets went on sale today at Bedbutlers on Navarro and the KIXS 108 studios at 107 North Star Drive. They are only $12. It would be a bargain at twice that price.