I know the title of this blog is pretty pedestrian, but if you read on, you'll find that it actually says it all. (no pun intended)

Keith Urban is talking again after three weeks of vocal rest following surgery on his vocal cords at the end of last year. CMT Daily Roundup reports that it was more than just speaking that wasn’t allowed, though. He tells Access Hollywood that crying, sneezing, coughing and clearing your throat were also not allowed. Keith said at one point during the vocal rest, he dreamed that he was singing. Concerned that he had ruined his vocal rest, he called his doctor asking if it’s possible to sing in your sleep. Keith admits the hardest part was communicating with his daughter, Sunday Rose, since she can’t read yet. Keith returns to the stage for a performance on the Opry on February 3rd at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. You can hear Keith Urban every day on KIXS 108.
You can hear Keith Urban every day on KIXS 108.