Some pretty crazy stuff can happen to you if you spend any amount of time on the road. Now think about your favorite country artist and how much time they spend on the road. Even though many of them travel in the lap of luxury (if you consider a converted Silver Eagle bus luxury) you can bet they've all seen their fair share of craziness. In fact, rolling down the highway in an aluminum tube with several other people pretty much guarantees it.


Blake Shelton’s Well Lit & Amplified Tour gets underway tonight (1/12) in Toledo, Ohio with special guest Justin Moore. As Justin gets ready to head out on the road, he’s hoping his bus is in better shape than last year, when it caught on fire outside of Detroit, Michigan. “The whole bus filled up with smoke, and thank goodness my bus driver and tour manager were pretty much on top of it. I actually got up and was you know, relieving myself in the back bathroom, and my bus driver comes back there, and I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ and he goes ‘The bus is on fire, get the heck outta here!’ And I’m going, ‘Oh, okay, alright!’ We were really lucky that it wasn’t any worse than it was!” The Well Lit & Amplified Tour also features The Voice finalist Dia Frampton.
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